Baseball America’s List of Draft Picks Signed

Doesn’t appear complete, as Blake Snell isn’t included, but still:

Tampa Bay Rays
Draft picks signed: RHP Andy Bass (18), RHP Brooks Belter (25), RHP Dan Bream (33), RHP Zach Butler (34), RHP Charlie Cononie (24), RHP Luke Irvine (27), RHP Dave Kubiak (36), RHP Stayton Thomas (43), RHP Ryan Turner (32), LHP Shay Crawford (41), LHP T.J. Geith (39), C Mike Bourdon (42), C Brandon Choate (38), C Matt Rice (9), C Ian Tomkins (50), 1B Cameron Seitzer (11), 2B Raymond Church (26), 2B Jonathan Koscso (29), 3B Ryan Terry (21), SS Taylor Motter (17), SS Garret Smith (20), OF Kes Carter (1.5), OF Granden Goetzman (2), OF Matt Johnson (23)

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