Verducci: The Rays/Red Sox Talked Carl Crawford for Victor Martinez

This is neat:

Boston proposed trading catcher Victor Martinez to Tampa Bay in exchange for [Carl Crawford] before the season began, according to a baseball source familiar with the proposed deal. Both players were entering their walk years, and both wound up leaving their teams at the end of the year as free agents. The Rays did not immediately reject the deal, but told Boston they would need to pursue one or two other potential moves in order to make it happen. The secondary moves fell through, and thus so too did the Martinez-for-Crawford blockbuster.

It’s an impossible scenario to evaluate without knowing the particulars of the secondary trades, but if nothing else, it does reassure two thoughts:

1) The Rays will approach just about any scenario with an open mind –or at least, they’ll give that impression.

2) They like Victor Martinez. Although, this is rather obvious observation, since just about any team would like to plug Martinez into the lineup, the Rays supposedly attempted to acquire some combination of Cliff Lee, Martinez, or both back at the 2009 deadline.

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